Weird Adults With Little Esther

Stand Up Comedian Little Esther finds out what makes you a Weird Adults?
Little Esther Povitsky finds out what makes her fellow comedian friends Weird Adults with an irreplaceable quirk and charm not found anywhere else in podcasting.

category: comedy
tags: comedy, little esther, feral audio, podcast, interview


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88 - Steph Simbari - (57:11) 26.25 MB
Learn about the holistic health world of los angeles with Steph Simbari

87 - Alison Rosen Returns! - (1:19:42) 36.57 MB
Alison Rosen returns to Weird Adults with beloved podcast Little Esther!

86 - Filmmaker Sam Boyd - (1:13:42) 33.81 MB
Filmmaker Sam Boyd stops by Weird Adults with beloved comedian and podcaster Little Esther!

85 - Ali Segel - (1:04:39) 29.67 MB
Ali Segel (@onlinealison) joins Weird Adults with Little Esther!

84 - Chelsea Peretti - (57:39) 26.47 MB
Beloved podcaster Little Esther is joined by One Of The Greats, Chelsea Peretti.

83 - Doug Benson - (58:35) 26.89 MB
If you've ever turned on a podcast you probably know who Doug Benson is, so why not listen to him on Weird Adults with Little Esther?

82 - LIVE with Janeane Garofalo - (1:24:06) 38.58 MB
Janeane Garofalo joins Little Esther on stage for Weird Adults LIVE!

81 - Periscope Takes Over - (27:47) 12.8 MB
Esther embraces Periscope on a new solo episode of Weird Adults!

80 - Kate Berlant - (1:01:27) 28.21 MB
Beloved podcaster Little Esther returns with the ridiculously funny Kate Berlant

79 - Beloved Podcaster Esther Povitsky - (27:44) 12.78 MB
It's just Little Esther in your ear. Cozy up and get comfortable to the smooth sounds of Esther Povitsky.

Nutritionist to the stars Kimberly Snyder teaches Esther how to eat right.

77 - Steve Hely - (1:00:34) 27.73 MB
With sitcom writer (the office) and novelist Steve Hely!

76 - John Campanelli - (37:43) 17.34 MB
Beloved podcaster Esther Povitsky, host of Weird Adults, welcomes John Campanelli to the show.

75 - Myq Kaplan - (1:09:14) 31.77 MB
Stand up and podcaster Myq Kaplan joins Weird Adults!

74 - David Phillips - (1:00:26) 27.75 MB
Esther asks David Phillips hard hitting weird questions.

73 - Beth Stelling - (1:06:29) 30.51 MB
Stand up comedian and person Beth Stelling gets weird with Little Esther.

72 - Nick Goossen - (1:19:19) 36.39 MB
Little Esther gets weird with Nick Goosen.

71 - Alison Rosen - (1:25:33) 39.24 MB
Podcast giant Alison Rosen joins Weird Adults with Little Esther. DOG LOVERS ONLY.

70 - Lauren Alexander - (55:46) 25.61 MB
Founder of LNA clothing, Lauren Alexander joins Weird Adults with Little Esther!

69 - Esther & Dave, plus Esther pranks her parents - (56:59) 26.17 MB
Esther & Dave get to the bottom of Esther's hatred of pregnancy and afterwards Esther pranks her parents and nearly sabotages their marriage.

68 - Gabe Liedman - (58:45) 26.97 MB
Esther's fans demanded Gabe Liedman and damnit, they got Gabe Liedman.

67 - Dave King Gets Roped Into The Podcast Again - (55:08) 25.32 MB
Esther ropes Dave King back into the podcast and gets high off of fudge for a powerful podcast.

66 - Dive Right In - (30:54) 14.23 MB
Esther is recording on her own and bringing you another solo ep of Weird Adults!

65 - One Man Band - (40:58) 18.83 MB
Esther bought herself some recording equipment and is now podcasting all on her own! Enjoy this solo episode of Weird Adults!

63 - Melissa Stephens of Vomit On The Web - (57:07) 26.23 MB
The women of Feral Audio LIVE join forces on an all new Weird Adults!

62 - Rumi Neely - (56:51) 26.11 MB
Interview with Fashion Blogger Rumi Neely.

61 - Yet Another solo episode featuring Dave King! - (1:01:32) 28.25 MB
Its a Little Esther solo episode with co-host Dave King who hates the Matrix and goes over the pressing issues of the day.

60 - Another Solo Episode... featuring Dave King! - (1:06:35) 30.56 MB
Esther is back with a solo episode featuring co-host, Dave King.

58 - Cat Cogliandro - (53:06) 24.39 MB
Weird Adults returns with dancer Cat Cogliandro!

57 - Eli Olsberg - (1:00:58) 27.93 MB
Eli Olsberg creator of the live stand up show "Performance Anxiety" gets weird with Little Esther.

56 - Matthew Broussard - (49:08) 22.52 MB
Esther pines over up and coming stand up Matthew Broussard, who turns out is surprisingly not a WASP.

55 - Thomas Dale - (36:54) 16.91 MB
Thomas Dale aggressively treats straight guys the way straight guys treat women, and it's awesome.

54 - Pete Davidson - (48:58) 22.44 MB
What drove This Feels Terrible host Erin McGathy into eating lunch in the bathroom of her High School? It's all things rad and sad about high school on Don't Ever Change with John Roy.

53 - Duncan Trussell 3 - (47:57) 21.97 MB
In the ongoing drama that is Duncan Trussell and Little Esther's toxic relationship, they meet for the first time in a year to discuss their lovechild.

52 - Harris Wittels - (51:44) 23.7 MB
Parks 'n Rec writer Harris Wittels who doesn't want to be known for creating Humblebrag, but did, is a longtime fan of Weird Adults with Little Esther and lays down some Phish jams in this extra chill episode.

51 - Lauren Greenberg - (56:26) 25.86 MB
Writer and Twitter phenom Lauren Greenberg shares her dating woes with her longtime friend Little Esther. She's single!

50 - Elissa Slater of Big Brother - (38:27) 17.62 MB
In this special 50th episode of Weird Adults Little Esther welcomes Elissa Slater, alumni from season 15 of Big Brother to discuss what it was like in the Big Brother house!

49 - Jay Weingarten - (1:00:01) 27.49 MB
This episode gets weird when guest Jay Weingarten turns the interview around on Esther.

48 - Jonathan Daniel Brown II - (48:30) 22.23 MB
After a year, Jonathan Daniel Brown returns and Esther urges him to get to the nitty gritty and not sound like a PR rep about his career since his movie Project X.

47 - Adam Newman - (44:01) 20.18 MB
Adam Newman joins Little Esther in the studio for general adult weirdness.

46 - Solo Episode II with co-host Carlos Herrera - (40:27) 18.54 MB
Esther drinks coffee for the first time and can barely handle it. Again, we cannot stress enough that this is another solo episode with co-host Carlos Herrera who is absolutely NOT a guest. Esther drinks coffee for the first time

45 - Alice Wetterlund - (43:41) 20.02 MB
After getting lost in a Star Trek marathon, Alice Wetterlund joins Weird Adults with Little Esther to talk dark restaurants and how she broke into stand up.

44 - Ingrid Haas - (54:03) 24.77 MB
Host of Vomit On The Web Ingrid Haas co-hosts this episode of Weird Adults and fights with Esther over who befriends a hot girl from Instagram first.

43 - Aaron Weaver - (51:26) 23.57 MB
Some hot button political issues are pressed in the weirdest way possible on this episode with stand up Aaron Weaver, but hey, we're all adults (sort of).

42 - Solo Episode With Guest Host Carlos Herrera - (47:32) 21.78 MB
This is NOT a guest episode. This is a solo episode with co-host Carlos Herrera, star of 5 lost Weird Adults episodes.

41 - Tiffany Haddish - (1:10:39) 32.37 MB
From being married to the wildest abortion story you've ever heard, Tiffany Haddish brings a whole lot of delightful weirdness to Weird Adults with Little Esther.

41 - Michael Showalter - (47:04) 21.57 MB
Legendary comedian Michael Showalter (The State, Wet Hot American Summer) joins Esther in his hotel room hot off the plane from New York City for a great conversation.

40 - Benji Afalo - (53:29) 24.51 MB
Esther is afraid her guest Benji Afalo is going to be to mean, instead he dishes some dirt and talks about getting robbed by a woman.

39 - Annie Lederman - (57:45) 26.46 MB
Stand up Annie Lederman drops by and comforts Esther in a time of need.

38 - Kim Snyder - (28:07) 12.9 MB
Nutrionist Kim Snyder calls in to talk about her new book.

37 - Rick Glassman - (53:25) 24.48 MB
Esther's friend, stand up Rick Glassman, makes his first podcast appearance and it definitely gets weird.

36 - Esther Solo - (44:47) 20.52 MB
On her first ever solo episode Esther gets you all up to speed and answers your questions!

35 - Dan Levy - (1:00:43) 27.82 MB
Stand up Dan Levy makes his first appearance on Weird Adults with Little Esther and the two talk t.v shows and Dan's hot wife!

34 - Ali Waller - (56:43) 25.99 MB
Ali Waller, writer of SNL and American Dad brings some deep thoughts on Chipotle and offers one of the best Weird Adults interviews to date!

33 - Ginger Gonzaga - (52:36) 24.1 MB
Actress Ginger Gonzaga warrants the return of WEIRD ADULTS to the airwaves! Ginger tells the worst ex-boyfriend story of all time and her general lack of adulthood.

32 - Ingrid & Mel of Vomit On The Web return! - (47:13) 21.64 MB
Kindred spirits Ingrid Haas and Mel Stephens of Vomit On The Web return to Weird Adults and pick up right where they left off.

31 - BJ Novak - (53:46) 24.64 MB
Writer and actor BJ Novak (The Office, Punkd) brings some existential conversation to Weird Adults right off the bat with a long discussion on should we blow up the moon?

30 - Adam Ray - (53:54) 24.7 MB
Weird Adults turns 30 with stand up and voice over artist, Adam Ray!

29 - DJ Douggpound - (1:03:35) 29.13 MB
Dj Douggpound brings the sound drops and turns the interview on Esther.

28 - Zack Pearlman - (57:05) 26.16 MB
Zack Pearlman (Virginity Hit, The Inbetweeners) is a Weird Adult! Esther gets into her Lady Gaga obsession as Zack comes hot from the Die Antwoord show.

27 - Melissa Villasenor - (35:53) 16.45 MB
America's Got Talent runner up Melissa Villasenor is a talented impressionist and Esther's former roommate! They catch up and address some of Melissa's quirks.

26 - Fahim Anwar - (56:33) 25.91 MB
Stand up and comedian Fahim Anwar may be more known for his dancing but he definitely keeps it weird with Esther.

25 - Lauren Lapkus - (40:50) 18.72 MB
Actor and Improvisor Lauren Lapkus sits down with Esther to talk about why they are always at the same auditions together.

24 - Bree Olsen - (1:03:11) 28.95 MB
Former Pre Med student and pornstar Bree Olsen lets Esther into her home to talk Esther's love for her, dating Charlie Sheen and how she got into pornography.

23 - Sean Patton - (1:10:13) 32.17 MB
Stand up Sean Patton gives us an inside perspective on living and surviving hurricane Katrina in this telling episode of Weird Adults.

22 - WWE's Dolph Ziggler feat. Max Landis - (1:05:53) 30.18 MB
WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler visits Weird Adults and takes some flak from Esther before she falls for him, then surprise, Max Landis calls and turns out Dolph is his favorite wrestler and insanity ensues.

21 - Lamorne Morris - (48:13) 22.1 MB
Lamorne Morris of The New Girl fame brings some quiet and cool weirdness to Little Esther.

20 - Angela Trimbur - (58:36) 26.85 MB
Ladies of Freakdance continues! Angela Trimbur is a comedic actress and star of the Dance Like No One Is Watching videos. Esther also clearly has a huge thing for her...which makes for a plenty weird episode.

19 - Vomit On The Web, Ingrid Haas & Melissa Stephens - (1:10:16) 32.19 MB
Weird Adults meets Vomit On The Web! The new podcast Vomit On The Web from Feral Audio stars Ingrid Haas and Melissa Stephens and they prove to be the perfect catalyst for Esther's weirdness. Esther is sad over Ingrid's breast reduction and Esther takes her clothes off, don't miss it.

18 - Matt Bennett - (46:27) 21.28 MB
A wounded Matt Bennett of Nickelodeon's "Victorious" fame stops by and gets weird with Esther. Adorableness alert.

17 - Iliza Shlesinger - (59:13) 27.13 MB
Stand up and Last Comic Standing winner Iliza Shlesinger succumbs to Little Esther's demands and visits Weird Adults with her dog Blanch for some good ol' fashioned weirdness.

16 - Duncan Trussell II - (52:02) 23.84 MB
Esther's first guest Duncan Trussell returns for an intense and shocking confrontational episode of Weird Adults. Find us at

15 - Caffeine Addiction, John Campeneli - (28:13) 12.94 MB
On a very serious episode of Weird Adults, Esther struggles with her caffeine addiction.

14 - Steve Agee - (45:07) 20.68 MB
Hot off the recording of his new podcast with Feral Audio, Steve Agee joins Esther and braves the L.A heatwave for an awesome episode about his weirdness.

13 - Bobby Lee - (55:58) 25.64 MB
A very confrontational visit by comedian and actor Bobby Lee leaves Esther wondering if this should be released. Here goes nothing!

12 - Wayne Federman - (57:38) 26.41 MB
Legendary stand up and writer Wayne Federman lends his unique brand of weirdness to 'Weird Adults with Little Esther' and they have an intimate discussion on fast food. Like the show? Tweet the show at!

11 - Felicia Michaels - (59:23) 27.21 MB
Stand up, actress, Playboy model and podcaster Felicia Michaels stops by and tells us her compelling life story and Esther has her first female guest. Download, share and enjoy!

10 - Nick Youssef - (1:02:33) 28.65 MB
Comedian Nick Youssef joins Esther and a little bit of green tea goes a long way!

9 - Max Landis - (59:55) 27.45 MB
Eccentric director and writer Max Landis (Chronicle) meets Little Esther for the first time and podcast gold is forged. Share, download and enjoy!

8 - Kevin Christy - (1:15:51) 34.74 MB
Kevin Christy (@kevingchristy) is a fellow stand up and sitcom actor. He fills Esther in on why Yoko Ono is amazing, why Priests are rockstars and it gets pretty weird when he opens up about his recent break up.

7 - Erik Griffin - (1:02:06) 28.45 MB
Erik Griffin of "Workaholics" fame stops by Weird Adults for an episode you don't want to miss. No one quite puts the mirror up to Esther the way Erik does and do we get to the bottom of what makes him a Weird Adult? Download, share and watch "Workaholics" on Comedy Central!

6 - Armen Weitzman - (1:12:27) 33.19 MB
Our weirdest adult yet and the first podcast appearance of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre regular Armen Weitzman ( gets...weird. Its almost a match made in Heaven. Do Armen and Esther have chemistry or just plain insanity?

5 - Oliver Cooper - (58:52) 26.97 MB
Oliver Cooper of 'Project X' and as of late, MTV Movie Awards fame, stops by and Esther gets to the dirt of his weird budding Hollywood career.

4 - Marc Maron - (1:16:47) 35.17 MB
Esther sits down with the Elvis Presley of podcasting, Marc Maron, and they have a deep conversation about The Comedy Store.

3 - Michael Kosta - (1:03:58) 29.31 MB
Stand up comedian Michael Kosta ( is a heart throb...according to Esther. As a huge touring comic with multiple appearances on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Kosta definitely seems to have it together. But through his self-described normalcy, Esther uncovers a lot of weirdness and they have a delightful report, in between Esther's gigantic flirtatious growls. Share and enjoy!

2 - Jonathan Daniel Brown - (55:09) 25.27 MB
Little Esther returns with her "rambunctious" friend Jonathan Daniel Brown. He's mostly just awesome then brings a lot of quirky and funny conversation to the table. Will Esther deduce what makes Jonathan a weird adult? We certainly learn a lot about Esther this time around so sit back and enjoy!

1 - Duncan Trussell - (1:10:30) 32.27 MB
On the premiere episode of Weird Adults With Little Esther, Esther sits down with Duncan Trussell and we learn about Duncan's sorted past relationship.